About Hub

Hub is the Vineyard Churches (UK & Ireland) leadership training programme, which happens in thirteen locations, with over 350 students around the UK and Ireland.

3 years training

Hubs local to you

Optional theology training

Training over three years

Based around a three year curriculum, the aim of Hub is to train those who feel called to lifelong ministry, whether on church staff or in a voluntary capacity.  Once you have applied to your local Hub centre, training will take place one evening per month and one day a term, with additional training happening through your local church.

The aim of Hub

The aim of Hub training is:

1. To provide education and training.
2. To offer experience of pioneering ministry and leadership.
3. To develop the relevant skills, applicable to a wide range of church-planting and leadership settings.

Hub Sessions

A Hub session would include excellent pre-recorded teaching with clear learning outcomes and facilitated group discussion during the evening. You’d reflect on what you’re learning then apply that to your leadership during the following month.

Training material and curriculum is identical across each Hub location, so you can be assured of the same course content regardless of your geography.

Additionally, Hub Intensive Days happen once per term, where we gather all the local Hubs together for a day of live teaching.

Characteristics of a pioneering leader

Hub and the curriculum is focused on the essential characteristics of a pioneering leader. 1. Vision and calling 2. Communication 3. Gathering and evangelism 4. Spiritual and emotional capacity 5. Leadership and multiplication.


Hub is free to students recommended by their Senior Pastors and is financed by Vineyard Churches and the Hosting Churches. We are grateful for this investment and so expect the highest commitment from our students as they invest and develop ministry skills in their local churches.

There will be additional costs to attend Hub Intensive Days.