We are called as a movement to preach the gospel, plant churches and transform society. Hub is designed to resource this vision by training pioneering leaders and church planters. Hub is for highly motivated, self-starting people who aspire to excellence in leadership and are exploring a life call to ministry.

Preach the gospel

Plant churches

Transform society

The aims of Hub training are:

1. To provide sufficient and appropriate education and training for potential church planters and pioneering leaders.
2. To offer real-world experience of a variety of ministry and pioneering leadership challenges, underpinned by ongoing mentoring and support.
3. To help learners develop relevant skills, applicable in a wide range of church-planting / leadership settings.


The curriculum is the practical learning based on these characteristics, incorporating training from seasoned leaders and hands-on application in your local church.

Lasting three years, the aim of Hub is to train those who feel called to lifelong ministry, whether on church staff or in a voluntary capacity. Once you have applied to your local Hub centre, training will place one evening per month and one day a term, with additional training happening through your local church.

Course rationale

Learners are encouraged to progress their understanding, experience and skills in three domains:

1. Practical leadership
2. Personal formation
3. Theological understanding

The learning process takes place in three primary settings:
1. Hub sessions
2. Local church
3. Personal study

The essential characteristics

of a church planter or pioneering leader are:
1. Vision and calling
2. Communication
3. Gathering and evangelism
4. Spiritual and emotional capacity
5. Leadership and multiplication